Laser cutting technology has come a long way in the past few decades. A prototype for the original laser was developed by Thomas Maiman in 1960, which was a ruby laser that’s lacked efficacy. The first actual functioning laser cutter was a CO2 laser cutter produced by Kumar Patel in 1963.

History of Laser Cutters

                The uses for laser cutting have developed to abundant different pathways over the generations. In 1965, lasers were used as a drilling tool. Located in Buffalo, USA, the Western Engineering Research center was the first to employ a laser cutting device to assist in piercing or resizing diamond dies. Then, in 1967, the first gas assisted laser cutter was developed and increased efficiency tenfold. By 1969 Boeing factories began using the technology on their production lines working with titanium and became pioneers with laser cutting technology. 3D Laser cutting was developed in 1979 by an Italian company by the name of Prima Industrie. Check here!

Different Types of Laser Cutters

                Currently, there are manydiverse types of laser cutters on the market. The differences between each of these unlike cutters boils down to one thing: the laser source they’re using. CO2 lasers are comprised upon a carbon dioxide gas formula, which is electrically enthused. CO2 lasers have a wavelength of 10.6 micrometers and are usually used on materials such as wood, acrylic, glass, paper, textiles, plastics, foils & films, leather, and stone. Another widely used type of laser is the fiber laser. They supply a beam by means of the “seed” laser and amplify it in specially made glass fibers, which are provided with energy by a diode pump. Fiber lasers have a wavelength 1.064 micrometers, an intensity 100 times higher than that of a CO2 laser, and are therefore well-matched for metal-marking methods. Next are crystal lasers, which have the same wavelength of fiber lasers, and are therefore suitable for marking metals as well. Unlike fiber lasers, crystal laser types are made with relatively expensive pump diodes and have a shorter service life than that of a fiber laser.

Laser Cutting Today

                The most popular form of laser cutting today is that of the carbon dioxide laser. Fiber laser cutting, however, is an extremely new technology, dating back to only 2008, that is on the rise. Laser cutting is becoming one of the most effectivemethods in industries worldwide. Lasers are employed to make development in the automobile world, the manufacture of solar panels, or even just the mundane engraving objects like the letters on your keyboard. The possibilities for this expertise in years to come seems unquestionably endless.

Knowledge about Laser Cutting

                By looking online, laser cutting is an available service to anyone. Laser cutting has developed into one of the utmost convenient processes used all around the world. The lasers themselves are so prevalent, from your phone network to the store checkout. Even though laser cutting processes are relatively recent development, its sure to further grow and progress the world as we know it. For more information, visit:

July 12th, 2020

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